Generate your offer letters automatically on ClariNet, a new ‘Not’ operator for searches, keeping historical Valuations even when key data changes, and some other improvements and fixes…
New Features & Improvements
  1. [CL-4679] – Generate offer letter automatically from Bid Management page
  2. [CL-4681] – Bidding Transaction page: Allow any doc to be added, same uploader as Docs tab on Case Summary
  3. [CL-4711] – Add a “NOT” operator to Search
  4. [CL-4685] – Don’t delete Schedules and Valuations when changing key data (like Insured DOD)
  5. [CL-4641] – Portfolio Valuation/Summary Results: include Purchase Date and Maturity Date in exported data
  6. [CL-4680] – Bid, Bid Information section: Add Retained Death Benefit (amt or %) and NDB fields
  7. [CL-4747] – VOC: Add Policy Date in “Carrier” information box
  8. [CL-4746] – Valuation List: move Excel Template Case export to top of page instead of one per row
  9. [CL-4745] – Admin/Export Settings: change default setting for Excel version from 2003 to 2007+


  1. [CL-4743] – Case Merging: deletion fails because of alerts
  2. [CL-4744] – Valuation PDF report shows blank 2nd insured
  3. [CL-4705] and [CL-4706] – Various Xml Export fixes

Release Notes with screenshots and how-tos are here: Release_Notes_201602.pdf