Introducing a new exciting feature: a custom report builder! We’ve also added the ability to customize case list columns, together with some other improvements and fixes…
New Features & Improvements
  1. [CL-4639] – Custom report builder
  2. [CL-4684] – Custom case list columns
  3. [CL-4724] – Documents tab: line up columns to ease reading
  4. [CL-4721] – Update ClariNet logo
  5. [CL-4701] – Avoid logging entire contents of XML import
  6. [CL-4722] – Remove obsolete View Help item in Help menu


  1. [CL-4658] – Cap loan repayment and cash withdrawal
  2. [CL-4703] – Xml Import: very long text in Underwriters text fields cause errors
  3. [CL-4723] – VOC page: fix misalignment of first column in Date Picker layout

Release Notes with screenshots and how-tos are here: Release_Notes_201512.pdf