Realized IRR changes, more flexibility in Portfolio Valuation weightings, changes to reports, new Status column, new fields such as Sold and Surrendered information and other improvements and fixes…

New Features & Improvements

  1. [CL-4687] – Realized IRR to include Sold and Matured cases
  2. [CL-4688] – Portfolio Valuation: ability to select A2E settings
  3. [CL-4675] – Add AMBest rating and LE report weightings (from Valuation Settings) to Portfolio CSV export
  4. [CL-4683] – Case List: New column for blank/owned/matured/sold/surrendered
  5. [CL-4677] – Sent/Received Transaction: add Origination (Secondary/Tertiary)
  6. [CL-4678] – State Reporting CSV = Add “Highest Bid Origination” column
  7. [CL-4676] – Closing Transaction: Show ALL documents on Documents tab (no just Closing docs)
  8. [CL-4682] – Cost/Maturity tab: add Proceeds date+amount (Sold/Surrendered), and calculate potential profit
  9. [CL-4692] – Cost/Maturity tab: include Fee Payment History in Profit calculations and adjust Maturities Report (CSV/PDF)
  10. [CL-4630] – Case Setup Form: add Smoking Status to existing LE Report popup


  1. [CL-4537] – Building Blocks: Word doesn’t list all the ClariNet blocks in Quick Parts dropdown
  2. [CL-4691] – Calculate Realized IRR checkbox is missing from Portfolio Valuation page
  3. [CL-4694] – Disabled textbox doesn’t show tooltip
  4. [CL-4696] – Fix issues with Deterministic tab

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201511.pdf