Portfolio valuations with historical payments, new zoomable, draggable and resizable charts, faster data entry in VOC, improved document sending in Bidding and Closing and other improvements and fixes…

New Features & Improvements

[CL-4593] – Add historical payments to portfolio valuation[CL-4615] – Use new charts in COI and Monte Carlo (zoomable, draggable, resizable)[CL-4596] – VOC: pre-populate some fields to speed up data entry[CL-4519] – Add ability to send extra documents to Provider during Bidding or Closing[CL-4579] – Add Documents page to Closing Transaction[CL-4580] – Show all Closing Documents on the Case Summary/Documents tab[CL-4548] – Policy tab: add “Issuing Carrier” free text box (not linked to AMBest) for State Reporting

Bugs[CL-4528] – Excel Add-in Export template: Base Scenario index shown as percentage (100% instead of 1)[CL-4600] – Maturities report: “Average LE at Maturity” doesn’t always display correctly[CL-4617] – Attempt to export a portfolio fails[CL-4618] – IRR Export scenarios not available when viewing a saved portfolio valuation[CL-4619] – Null Mean LE50 in LE reports causes portfolio summary page to crash[CL-4620] – Viewing valuation of portfolio containing matured case fails[CL-4621] – Fix issues with loans[CL-4622] – Password reset/forgot password looks like nothing is happening

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201508_v2.pdf