Loan Cases, more payment options in Calculators, Portfolio Valuation exports improvements, Grace Notices, Order Tracking with Follow-ups, email notifications, Premium Schedule servicing task and other improvements and fixes…

New Features and Improvements

[CL-4486] – Model Loan Cases where ongoing interest is paid
• [CL-4488] – Add flexibility to payments between AV Date and Start Date in the premium calculator
• [CL-4522] – Portfolio Valuation: Add Blended Implied MF column on result table (as Single Policy Pricing)
• [CL-4523] – Portfolio Valuation: Add CSV export for results table, and add to ZIP export on valuation list
• [CL-4373] – New Order Tracking page, with multiple follow-ups per Order
• [CL-4380] – New Grace Notices functionality
• [CL-4503] – Add email notification for changes in Case Status, completion of a Closing Event, new Transaction and uploading of certain Doc Types
• [CL-4381] – Add “Premium Schedule Update” as a new Servicing Task
• [CL-4504] – On Case Summary, display list of Portfolio names containing that Case in top left of screen
• [CL-4506] – When entering Maturity information, only DOD should be required
• [CL-4372] – Add Healthcare Providers to Excel uploader
• [CL-4449] – CRM: Make fields in Payment Method not required (other than Method)
• [CL-4556] – Closing: make “Closing Process Started” and “Closing Cancelled” editable with a date picker

• [CL-4531] – NDB Payment occurs in CSV for maturity paid policies
• [CL-4572] – Premium Schedules Contain Large Initial Payment
• [CL-4533] – Journal Events and Medical Records docs (from Insured Servicing section only) not shown on Documents tab
• [CL-4569] – Bidding Transaction: Date Validation incorrect on resubmitted case
• Other changes

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201504_v1.pdf