VBT 2014, additional VOC fields and Carrier URL, new CSV and PDF reports, improvements to Document Verification, Deterministic Valuation in Excel and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • [CL-4469] – 2014 VBT Preliminary Tables Available
  • [CL-4447] – VOC: add 12 new fields
  • [CL-4451] – VOC: display Insured age, Policy Lapse Basis, Third Party Authorisation document download
  • [CL-4452] – VOC Carrier info and Servicing Carrier info: show first URL from CRM Contact Details as link
  • [CL-4448] – VOC: New CSV report for last x VOCs on all Cases in a list or Portfolio
  • [CL-4443] – Closing, Document Verification: Add Templates; Add multiple Analysts
  • [CL-4444] – Closing, Document Verification, PDF report
  • [CL-4445] and [CL-4478] – Closing, Contract Package Building Blocks
  • [CL-4378] and [CL-4446] – Closing Summary tab, State Audit section: new fields “Date Contract Package Received” and “Policy Loan Amount at Closing”
  • [CL-4379] – Case Summary, State Regulation: Add Provider Forms Requirements, Licensed, Effective Date, Renewal Date
  • [CL-4475] – State Reporting: Add Case Status column
  • [CL-4454] – Excel export template: add Deterministic Valuation tab information to Valuation sheet
  • [CL-4460], [CL-4461] and [CL-4462]- Maturities report: add subtotals, DOD date range filter and a new CSV export
  • [CL-4455] – Servicing Task Notifications: allow green and amber notifications to post-date Task Due Date
  • [CL-4432] – Select “Custom IRR” and “Risk Scenarios” with checkboxes on Portfolio valuations
  • [CL-4450] – Auto Case Reference: add InsuredLastName and last two characters of Policy Number as option
  • [CL-4376] – Case merging should not force delete Premium Schedules
  • [CL-4479] – Edit Insured DOB, DOD or Gender should delete Valuations if any
  • [CL-4324] and [CL-4483] – Improvements to Auto Import

Bug fixes

  • [CL-4489] – Fix Copy/Paste from Excel into Illustration page
  • [CL-4329] – Bid Management: sending case by email, “Other Email Address” doesn’t work
  • [CL-4484] – If Minimum Premium tab on premium calculator throws error, it causes whoops
  • [CL-4485] – Merge a case with Compliance Checklist fails

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201412_v2.pdf