Today, ClariNet gets a facelift! We are releasing a new version of ClariNet with a fresh and updated look. We have also re-enabled the Case Status alerts. Find an overview of the new design and more details in the Release Notes.

In this Release:

  • [CL-4408] – New design
  • [CL-4421/4428/4427] – Case Status alerts
  • Other Items, Bugs and Improvements:[CL-4409] – Cash Withdrawals don’t charge surrender charge[CL-4420] – Clicking Generate in Illustration causes incorrect NDB on loan case[CL-4419] – Allow negative numbers on Cost/Maturity tab[CL-4418] – Empty portfolio causes odd numbers in portfolio view and summary PDF[CL-4422] – Error message not caught when using COI override[CL-4423] – Issues with Surrender Charges Tab on Premium Calculator[CL-4424] – Deleting top row of newly created premium history rows causes loss of data[CL-4429] – External Bidders plus button not enabled on Active cases[CL-4430] – Exception thrown when deleting a premium schedule

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201410_v1.pdf