Price a Case with loan or withdrawal, new Case Valuation metrics, SmartSearch improvements, floor values at zero in Portfolio Valuation, more Portfolio Statistics, Maturities report and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • CL-4250 – Price a Case with loan or withdrawal
  • CL-4365, 4366, 4389 – Single Case Valuation: add new Metrics for Maturity Risk, Real Tail, Ins Age at Extension, Extension LE and Above pricing LE in % and Years, Elasticity, breakeven age, etc.
  • CL-4274, 4362, 4374, 4386 – SmartSearch improvements: Event dates, Policy Number, multiple Case References, Insured first name and/or last name
  • CL-4388 – Portfolio Valuation – add option to floor values at zero
  • CL-4367 – Portfolio Summary: add more summary stats to web and PDF (Policies, Face Amounts and Insureds by Case Status)
  • CL-4370 – New PDF report: Maturities
  • CL-4359 – New Portfolios CSV export for multiple probabilistic values
  • CL-4352 – Case to PDF Report: make document and LE Report table use full width
  • CL-4246 – Single Case Valuations list: add “Excel Template” export button
  • CL-4375 – New fields on Cost/Maturity tab: “Carrier Name” and “Carrier Rating (as at payment date)”
  • CL-4357 – VOC: allow “Account Information Date” in the future/after “Verification Date”
  • CL-4382 – Add Categories to Help page
  • CL-4351 – Add separators to the menus to improve clarity
  • CL-4396 – Add weekly run and name to Auto Import Tasks

Bug fixes

  • CL-4348 – Add ability to import and export VTs and PCc as XML
  • CL-4353 – VT parameters overflow column width and length in Excel exporter
  • CL-4394 – Case Setup Form: cannot add a document of type “Uncategorized Document”
  • CL-4398 – Use Impvt checkbox is enabled when it shouldn’t be
  • CL-4399 – Contract Package Building Blocks: Remove redundant part “Premium Finance Loan”
  • CL-4402 – Valuation created when an insured is dead but has a very low LE report fails to save
  • CL-4403 – When Valuation is exported, code generates new Premium Schedules and errors with “All Cases must have the same Premium Schedule Start Date”

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201407_v2.pdf