New Maturity Case Statuses, Implied Mortality Multiplier in Valuations, manual data entry in Premium Schedule, edit counter party, dates and bid amount in Bidding Transactions, new PDF and CSV reports and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • CL-4318 Modify Case Status labels, add “Maturity Claim Pending” and “Maturity Claim Paid”
  • CL-4242 Single Case Valuation: show Implied Mortality Multiplier
  • CL-4317 Premium Schedules: Allow manual entry of specific AV/CSV on specific date
  • CL-4199 Bid Management: Allow event dates to be edited.
  • CL-4322 Make Bid Amount editable on Sent/Received Transaction
  • CL-4321 Edit Sender on a Received Transaction
  • CL-4194 New Report: CSV export of Order Tracking or Follow Ups
  • CL-4240 State Reporting CSV: Add new fields
  • CL-4315 New Report: PDF showing all deterministic cashflows and predicted IRRs
  • CL-4319 Expose State Regulations info near State of Ownership field
  • CL-4272 Contract Package: Building Blocks, add Phone Number for Escrow Agent
  • CL-4237 Contract Package: formatting and other improvements
  • CL-4332 Add/delete Insured (switch between Single and Joint Life)

Bug fixes

  • CL-4328 Closing Transaction: Document Verification display issues
  • CL-4331 IRR Calculation tab on Single Policy Valuation page has issues
  • CL-4336 Policy Product page under Administration menu: can’t view item
  • CL-4229 LE Report Weightings issues in Valuation Settings (fix data)
  • CL-4338 Portfolio Charts: Smoking Status, Face Amount % for Male/Female always shows 100%

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201405_v2.pdf