Speed and Usability Improvements, LE Report Aging, Fasano mortality table, extend LEs by %, and other improvements and fixes…

Speed and Usability Improvements

  • CL-4247 Case Summary: Illustration and VOC tabs: add Edit button on each row
  • CL-4259 Make some tabs in Case Summary editable in-line
  • CL-4200 Closing Checklist: allow all fields to be entered in one pass
  • CL-4248 Improve loading time of Case Summary
  • CL-4296 Fix Bid Management page to avoid full page refresh

Other New features and Improvements

  • CL-4241 Changes to LE Report Aging
  • CL-4244 Ability to use any mortality table in the Portfolio model without changing LE selection
  • CL-4243 Ability to use Fasano mortality table on any underwriter
  • CL-4245 Risk Scenario: ability to extend LEs by % on Case-by Case basis
  • CL-4262 Manual PS: default dates to monthiversaries/anniversaries after Start Date
  • CL-4261 Premium Schedules: Add “Create a Copy” icon for Premium Schedules
  • CL-4292 Policy tab: make Policy Issue Date field optional
  • CL-4293 State Reporting CSV: replace Policy Issue Date with Policy Date
  • CL-4291 CRM dropdowns: display Individuals as “Last, First MiddleInitial” instead of “First Last”
  • CL-4290 Add Document Types: “Death Benefit Check”, “Premium History” and “History of Ownership”
  • CL-4275 Change EMSI form to require Mean OR Median LE

Bug fixes

  • CL-4229 LE Report Weightings issues in Valuation Settings (fix data)
  • CL-4288 Excel portfolio upload of Underwriter Weightings can cause more than 100%
  • CL-4300 Fix “Who controls the Closing Process” dropdown when accepting a Bid.
  • CL-4271 Premium Payment History: adjust error message row numbers (sometimes out by 1)
  • CL-4281 Excel template export: VOC COI rate shown as % instead of $
  • CL-4282 Auto Import: invalid file extension errors, second error show same text as first one
  • CL-4286 AVS LE Report allows calculated age to be any value but XML constrains it to 130
  • CL-4297 Misc Bug Fixes

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201403_v2.pdf