Portfolio Valuation deterministically, Edit Closing Process at any time, Auto Import of Documents via FTP, New Document Type: Uncategorized Document, New Report: State Reporting, speed improvements, SmartSearch for Carrier and Portfolio and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • [CL-4028] – Insured Consolidation: include “Insured Reference” in matching algorithm
  • [CL-4083] – Closing Process: Edit any step at any time straight from the start of the process
  • [CL-4131] – Add an icon in Import Wizard to show Add a Case or Update an existing Case
  • [CL-4135] – Portfolio Valuation: price deterministically
  • [CL-4136] – Auto Import of Documents via FTP
  • [CL-4136] – New Document Type: Uncategorized Document
  • [CL-4137] – Portfolio Valuation: Custom IRR changes
  • [CL-4144] – New Report: State Reporting
  • [CL-4149] – Inspect Monte-Carlo code to improve time taken
  • [CL-4162] – Inspect Import code to improve time taken
  • [CL-4163] – Add Secondary/Tertiary field on Closing Transaction/SmartSearch/State Report
  • [CL-4166] – Add SmartSearch for Carrier and Portfolio
  • [CL-4167] – Add total number of matches to Case lists
  • [CL-4168] – Add Joint Life Payout Type to import
  • [CL-4175] – Create new liability type to deal with AUM fee

Bug fixes

  • [CL-4153] – Delete, backspace and arrows don’t always seem to work in Date Picker
  • [CL-4171] – “Use Fasano Tables If Available” option causes model to use Fasano tables on other reports
  • [CL-4172] – Forward prices are causing Policy Sale IRR to be ignored
  • [CL-4173] – Parallel code in Portfolio Pricer is using too many resources on server
  • [CL-4176] – Risk Scenario is not reflected in forward NPVs or Liquidation Price

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201311_v2.pdf