LE Report Selection and Blending, Improved Excel Portfolio Uploader, Tertiary LE Report Orders, new SmartSearches, new reports and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • [CL-4117] – LE Report Selection and Blending
  • [CL-4082] – Improve Excel Portfolio Uploader (Amend existing cases and add new fields)
  • [CL-4033] – Add “Tertiary” to 21st LE Report Orders
  • [CL-4064] – Add Price Allocation fields to SmartSearch
  • [CL-4065] – Add SmartSearch for Completed Event (at any time), not just Last Event
  • [CL-4076] – New report: Funding Report (Price Allocation + Closing Event)
  • [CL-4072] – Portfolios: Premium Schedule reports must work with Manual schedules.
  • [CL-4081] – Allow mp3/wav file types for VOC
  • [CL-4077] – Add fields to VOC (collateral assignment, no lapse guarantee, maturity rider)
  • [CL-4080] – New report: Latest VOC
  • [CL-4078] – Fix Portfolio’s Servicing Tasks page and add shortcut Buttons to add items
  • [CL-4079] – Add new CRM Role ‚ÄúSecurities Intermediary‚ÄĚ
  • [CL-4112] – Adjust which Premium Schedule gets deleted when Policy details change
  • [CL-4120] – Changes to Waivers in Document Verification
  • [CL-4115] – Add a CRM entry to the Insured page for the Insured’s contact details

Bug fixes

  • [CL-4098] – Updates to Fasano Calculation Methodology
  • [CL-4099] – Default Valuation Settings are not being shown for second insured
  • [CL-4100] – Calculation of q(x) is not always passing in the correct MF
  • [CL-4113] – Large portfolio Excel uploader causes SQL timeouts and log outs
  • [CL-4123] – Portfolio chart “Face Amount by AM Best Rating” not showing
  • [CL-4124] – Valuation Settings can be saved without an actuarial table when MF is selected
  • [CL-4125] – Pricing model is incorrectly using Policy Issue Date

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201309_v2_130902.pdf