Waterfall: New liability type, use of Fasano actuarial tables, new reports and other improvements and fixes…

New features and Improvements

  • [CL-4069] – Waterfall: New liability type based on total NDB paid
  • [CL-4047] – Allow use of Fasano actuarial tables including aggregate smoking status
  • [CL-4066] – New report: Premium Optimization Report (Assumed Ownership)
  • [CL-4055] – New report: Annual Premiums
  • [CL-4054] – Add Insured name to Case list
  • [CL-4027] – Add SSN to Excel Portfolio Import
  • [CL-4058] – Make Manual Premium Schedules editable
  • [CL-4062] – Show Policy Year column on all Premium Schedule pages (apart from Manual add/edit)
  • [CL-4074] – Allow 4 decimals on Per Unit Charge and Per Policy Charge
  • [CL-4071] and [CL-4053]- New document types
  • [CL-4051] – Add “Country of Ownership” to policy
  • [CL-4057] – Make Comment field optional on Closing Checklist

Bug fixes

  • [CL-4049] – Dates on Bid History page shouldn’t be time zone adjusted
  • [CL-4050] – Decimal places not shown on Price Allocation tables
  • [CL-4052] – Blank are saved as zero in AVS (“Calculation Age” and “Weight”) and Fasano (“Height” and “Weight”)
  • [CL-4056] – Add extra entries in the Country list
  • [CL-4060] – Improvement rate for male non-smokers is being ignored
  • [CL-4061] – Waterfall model is ignoring spread for floating rate payments
  • [CL-4073] – Uploading documents and timeout issues (Documents tab of Case Summary)
  • [CL-4059] – Incorrect validation of actuarial table set from case valuation page

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201307_v2_130716.pdf