Matured Cases in Portfolios, Actual vs Expected, Risk Scenarios in Monte Carlo, Probabilistic/Deterministic IRR, improvements in Closing, VOC and charts, Folders for portfolios and other improvements and fixes…

  • Cost/Maturity Tab in Case Summary
  • Valuing Portfolios containing matured/maturing Cases
  • Valuation Settings: add settings for Actual vs Expected
  • Actual to Expected Scenario Analysis on Portfolio
  • Addition of LE50 to Life Expectancy Graphs
  • Single Policy Valuation: Probabilistic/Deterministic IRR
  • Risk Scenarios in Monte Carlo model
  • Folders in Portfolio View
  • View Portfolios linked to a Case
  • Closing Transaction: new fields and process improvements
  • Mq(x) Interpolation Options
  • Servicing Tab: New Servicing Settings
  • Verification of Coverage improvements
  • Other improvements and fixes

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201302_v3_130214.pdf