Excel Portfolio uploader, Premiums upload, Cost Basis, Portfolio, Archived Cases and other improvements and fixes.

  • Improvements to Excel Portfolio uploader
  • New CSV Format for Premium Schedule upload
  • Change Cost Basis of the Case to be Purchase Date and Cost only
  • Add sorting to Case List in Portfolio Composition
  • Hide Archived Cases in all Case Lists
  • Editing Carrier, Policy Nb and Issue State should not delete Valuations and Premium Schedules
  • Add extra Case Participant types and Payment Recipients types
  • Joint Life with a deceased Insured: charts crashing on Valuation page
  • Javascript error on Val Settings page (weightings)
  • Premium Schedules: Error when Start Date less than Policy Date + small UI improvements
  • Some AMBest Companies don’t show
  • Add some logging to Credit Card processing

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_201210_v2_121210.pdf