EMSI joins ClariNet™: ClearLife launches exclusive “2 for 1” offer with EMSI and ISC Services

EMSI offers life expectancy report ordering through ClariNet. Until the end of 2011, subscribers to ClariNet (including ClariNet Essentials™) can order a life expectancy report from each of EMSI and ISC on the same insured for a total price of $325.

EMSI Joins ClariNet

Examination Management Services, Inc. (EMSI) has now joined 21st Services, Fasano Associates and ISC Services on the panel of underwriters offering life expectancy report ordering through ClariNet. All four companies accept life expectancy orders directly from accounts on ClariNet and deliver the reports and associated report data straight back to those same accounts.

Mark Venn, CEO and Managing Director of ClearLife, said: “I am delighted that EMSI is now offering its life expectancy reports through ClariNet. EMSI has a range of different services for participants in the life settlements market and we very much look forward to adding those to ClariNet in the near future.”

Traci Davis, VP of Underwriting Operations at EMSI, commented: “EMSI is excited about partnering with ClearLife to offer underwriting services through ClariNet. Its unique, integrated design makes EMSI’s enhanced life expectancy information available with a single click. ClariNet affords EMSI greater exposure for its life expectancy and other services to the life settlement market.”

“2 for 1” offer on life expectancy reports

Until the end of 2011, subscribers to ClariNet (including subscribers to ClariNet Essentials, the free version) have the opportunity to order a life expectancy report from each of EMSI and ISC Services for a single price of $325. This offer is open to all ClariNet subscribers and is available exclusively through ClariNet.

Roger Tafoya, Chief Operating Officer of ISC Services, said: “As the market has matured, it has become very evident that investors need access to the full mortality curve in order to make a sensible determination of life expectancy – and the more information that is provided, the better. ClariNet subscribers have direct access to more of our underwriting information than is available through any other portal. We firmly believe that providing investors with the benefit of two views on the same insured, through the most efficient and secure platform in the life settlements market, represents a win for all concerned.”

Traci Davis added: “Offering two underwriting perspectives on a case gives prospective buyers a better sense of both value and risk. By combining EMSI’s services with those of ISC and ClearLife, we are able to offer these perspectives in the most secure and user-friendly environment possible. This is a tremendous opportunity for life settlement investors and EMSI is delighted to be part of it.”

About ClearLife

ClearLife was established in November 2007. It is not affiliated with any company involved in the life settlements and premium finance markets and does not make investment decisions on behalf of any company. ClearLife is dedicated to enhancing the quality of service available to investors, providers, brokers, agents, servicers and other participants in the longevity derivatives, life settlements and premium finance markets. ClearLife’s principals previously established and ran a business managing over US$1.25 billion in face amount of life settlements. ClearLife now offers to investors in the life settlements market the benefit of its principal’s experience, their relationships, their understanding of processes and procedures and their knowledge of risk management and risk mitigation. ClearLife performs policy and portfolio evaluation and analysis, document verification, post-purchase servicing and administration for its clients. Through ClariNet, ClearLife offers a secure platform for subscribers to store and manage their policy and portfolio information, to interact with other market participants using a common interface and set of standards, and to manage their longevity risk businesses through ClariNet’s dynamic workflow management system.