ClariNet Subscribers are now able to order life expectancy reports directly from Fasano Associates, Inc. Fasano Associates’ mortality tables are also available through ClariNet.

ClearLife is delighted to announce that Fasano Associates, Inc. has joined the panel of companies offering their life expectancy expertise through ClariNet. Subscribers to any of ClariNet’s modules can now order life expectancy reports from Fasano Associates directly from their accounts – and, when completed, have the reports and the report data delivered into their accounts. ClearLife makes no charge for this service, other than the fees charged by Fasano Associates for the report.

Mark Venn, CEO and Managing Director of ClearLife, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Fasano Associates onto ClariNet. Mike and his team offer a great deal of underwriting expertise to their customers. We at ClearLife look forward to delivering that expertise to our subscribers through ClariNet’s integrated case management environment.”

Mike Fasano, President and CEO of Fasano Associates, Inc., commented: “ClearLife has developed a first-class business management platform in ClariNet. We are delighted to support ClearLife by delivering our full range of life settlements services directly to ClariNet subscribers.”

Mark added: “In addition to offering life expectancy report ordering at no extra charge, direct access to mortality tables developed by Fasano Associates is now available as a premium service through Clarinet. Subscribers to our platform have the opportunity to purchase either a one year or a three year license entitling them to use Fasano Associates’ mortality tables in ClariNet’s industry leading policy and portfolio pricing models, as well as its risk analysis tools.”

ClearLife will be demonstrating ClariNet at the upcoming Fasano Life Settlement and Longevity Conference on October 24th (

About ClearLife

ClearLife was established in November 2007. It is not affiliated with any company involved in the life settlements and premium finance markets and does not make investment decisions on behalf of any company. ClearLife is dedicated to enhancing the quality of service available to investors, providers, brokers, agents, servicers and other participants in the longevity derivatives, life settlements and premium finance markets. ClearLife’s principals previously established and ran a business managing over US$1.25 billion in face amount of life settlements. ClearLife now offers to investors in the life settlements market the benefit of its principal’s experience, their relationships, their understanding of processes and procedures and their knowledge of risk management and risk mitigation. ClearLife performs policy and portfolio evaluation and analysis, document verification, post-purchase servicing and administration for its clients. Through ClariNet, ClearLife offers a secure platform for subscribers to store and manage their policy and portfolio information, to interact with other market participants using a common interface and set of standards, and to manage their longevity risk businesses through ClariNet’s dynamic workflow management system.