New Anti-Fraud page, ICD9 codes, improvements to Case Setup Form, snapshot of Case Submissions now saved, Lump Sum Premium and Retained Death Benefit added, new FAQ page.

  • A read-only snapshot of the Case (including documents) is now saved when submitting Cases and the Case Reference can be retained when submitting to other parties.
  • The Case Setup Form has been improved to allow quicker creation of a Case.
  • Documents are no longer required when creating Underwriter Reports.
  • New Anti-Fraud/Compliance page added to Case Summary View.
  • ICD9 codes were added to Insured Information.
  • New FAQ page added to the Help menu.
  • Lump sum premium option was added to Premium Calculator and Retained Death Benefit added to pricing.
  • Fees have been simplified in the Pricing Model.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_18_110801.pdf

Version 1.19 is expected to be released in September.