Portfolio import from Excel, improved management of insured lives, AM Best ratings information now shown, state regulatory information database, updates to valuation page.

    • It’s now possible to add and delete the insured lives on a policy and to mark an insured as deceased at any point. Previously, the insured could only be marked as deceased as part of the servicing workflow.
    • The redundant Extended DB Rider field has been removed from the illustration and is now only stored at the policy level. Pricing now runs off the maturity age stored at the policy level; the illustration maturity age captures how far the illustration extends.
    • The valuation page has been improved so that it only calculates on demand. It also now shows the aged LE.
    • AM Best carrier rating information is now shown in ClariNet. This data is updated quarterly.
    • A new page has been added where subscribers can maintain a private database of state regulatory information.
    • It’s now possible to import policy portfolios from Excel. A template is provided which shows the required spreadsheet layout.
    • Release Notes are here:


Version 1.18 is expected to be released mid-August.