Parallel portfolio pricing, multiple simultaneous document upload, rapid case submission to multiple recipients, improvements to Document tab on Case Summary.

  • Pricing of First-To-Die Joint Life Policies.
  • Case Submission process handles sending to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • New parameter on Illustration page to show Insured age at the start or end of the Policy year.
  • Generate a Contract Package as a single Word document from multiple Document Templates.
  • Store tax ID or SSN with Organizations or Individuals in Interaction.
  • Business Gateway extensions to handle rules on the existence of documents on a Case.
  • Improvements to Case Summary Documents tab to allow users to add any type of document including documents where the Insured, Illustration, etc., must be chosen.
  • Contract Package documents are now displayed on the appropriate tab in the Case Summary as well as in the Contract Package.
  • New Portfolio Summary report.
  • Cases can now be imported and exported with their associated documents.
  • Improvements to Valuation Page.
  • Premium Optimization extended to Term and Whole Life Policies.
  • All users now have access to the File Upload feature in ClariNet to send files to ClearLife.
  • Users can now upload multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Added ability to store reference code associated with an Investor on a Case.
  • Added ability to designate a contact at the Broker.
  • Allow users to make/record multiple bids on a Case without counter offers.
  • Portfolio pricing calculations now run in parallel.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_16.pdf

Version 1.17 is expected to be released mid-June.