Information about AV/CSV on Start Date and Value Date, ability to combine/separate insured lives, calculation of post-purchase IRR, short-form case setup, document templates, optional bid approval workflow step, additional Monte Carlo outputs.

  • The Account Value and Cash Surrender Value on Start Date and Value Date are now shown on the pricing page. The values can now automatically be included as bid conditions.
  • A new panel has been added on the valuation page to show the COI.
  • A new page has been added called Insured Consolidation. This allows you to remove duplicate insured lives and to correct data errors; for example, if two policies incorrectly reference a single insured life.
  • A new column has been added on the portfolio page which calculates the post-purchase IRR. This will be computed if a price allocation has been set on that case.
  • A new case setup process is available. This is a single page that captures a subset of case information in order to allow transmission of the case to a recipient quickly and for the recipient to complete the setup themselves.
  • Document template functionality has been added for contract package generation. This allows you to create a document template in Word that can reference case data. During the closing process, this template will be filled in with data from the actual case.
  • A new optional workflow step called Bid Approval has been added. This allows you to have bids approved before they are submitted.
  • Selection of Case Closer. When a bid is accepted, the user is now required to select who closes the case.
  • The payment of premium between the Account Value Date and the Start Date (sometimes known as Projection Date), can now be specified during premium calculation. Previously, this was specified in the Premium Calculator Template. The value is now taken from the Template unless is it overridden on the Premium Calculator page.
  • A series of additional data points are now available from the Monte Carlo calculator, specifically geared towards viewing distribution information. The NPV, IRR and LE are shown for the portfolio for each simulation.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_15_v1_110307.pdf

Version 1.16 is expected to be released at the end of April.