Price allocation and bidding improvements, improved case importer, ability to attach documents to bids, extended valuation page, improvements to Excel exporter, user defined case statuses, auto-generated Case Identifiers.

  • It is now possible to have Case Identifiers generated automatically by ClariNet. The format for these identifiers can be chosen from a set of templates defined by ClearLife. New templates can be added on request.
  • The News and Announcements panels on the home page update asynchronosly, making the loading of that page faster.
  • A new tab has been added to the Case Summary page called Price Allocation. This allows users to specify how the price paid for a case is allocated amongst the counterparties in a transaction.
  • Bid splits can now be specified on both the valuation and bidding pages. A bid can be created on the valuation page and a button allows users to place a bid directly from this page. This means users can calculate the implied IRR and then bid on that basis.
  • Documents can now be attached to bids. For example a PDF containing conditions related to a bid can be sent along with the bid.
  • It’s now possible to solve for a single IRR from the gross price on the valuation page.
  • The assumed AV/CSV at the Start Date of a premium schedule is now shown on both the premium schedule and valuation pages.
  • Users can define their own case statuses and manage these statuses on the bid management page. This is useful for managing information about cases that have been sent out to both ClariNet subscribers and external case recipients.
  • The Excel exporter has been improved so that cash flows are shown on a common list of dates (i.e. cash flows on the same date line up). This is useful for carrying out cash flow calculations in Excel on data exported from ClariNet.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_14_v2_110204.pdf

Version 1.15 is expected to be released in mid March.