Case auditing, new case import wizard, expanded import, Monte Carlo improvements, accounting, new case submission wizard.

  • Display case auditing information. A new tab has been added to the case summary view which display an audit trail of changes to a case.
  • Ability to specify interest rate paid on DB during collection lag period. It’s possible to select which interest rate is applied between the date of death and the date the payment is received.
  • New case import wizard. All XML imports are run through a common import wizard which deal with validation errors and conflicts. It also allows you to add the cases to a portfolio.
  • Expanded data importer. ClariNet now imports premium schedules from Access files.
  • Improvements to Monte Carlo model. The model now runs in parallel and uses more efficient code, making it much faster. Users can now run up to 20,000 simulations. A graph is displayed showing the resulting mean cash flows over time. The mean simulated portfolio NPV is now shown.
  • Accounting table for underwriter report ordering. Users can now see a summary of their report orders over a specified period for accounting purposes.
  • New page to allow case submitter to control data seen by recipient. When users submit cases to others, they can now select which documents are sent and which underwriter reports are sent to the recipient.
  • Add additional premium charge component. It’s now possible to have a second premium charge which is charged when the premium exceeds a specified target amount.
  • Ability to record gross purchase price.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_13_v1_101222.pdf

Version 1.14 is expected to be released in mid February.