ClearLife has released version 1.11 of ClariNet™, its business management platform for participants in the life settlements market.

Some of the keys features in Version 1.11 are:

  • Sorting of cases lists by columns. By popular demand it is now possible to reorder case lists by clicking on the column header.
  • User specified mortality tables. In addition to the existing VBT 2001 and 2008 tables, users can upload custom mortality tables for use in pricing and risk analysis.
  • The ClariNet home page has been simplied and the layout improved to make better use of screen space.
  • Two new reports have been added. The first report gives a summary of pricing on a list of cases. The second allows users to generate a detailed report from a valuation on a single.
  • Order tracking and follow ups have been added to the portfolio servicing To Do list. This allows users to see all the action items on a porfolio.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_11_v1_101104.pdf

Version 1.12 is expected to be released in mid December and will enhance ClariNet’s market-leading suite of portfolio management tools and analytics.