ClearLife has released version 1.9 of ClariNet™, its business management platform for participants in the life settlements market.

Version 1.9 adds a number of enhancements to the rich set of features included in ClariNet, including:

  • Improved Submission Process: Version 1.9 simplifies the process used by ClariNet subscribers to transmit case information to other market participants, including those outside ClariNet. A single email (which now allows the sender to identify itself and specify the face amount in the subject heading) links directly to a secure download site from which the recipient can access case data and documents.
  • Flexible Case Setup: Users can elect to set Cases up without entering an illustration. When setup is complete, a user can elect to move the Case into Bid Management for submission to other market participants or move the Case straight through to servicing.
  • Q(x) Adjustments: Users can adjust the periodic mortality rates in the base mortality table used in ClariNet’s pricing model, by applying a factor or adding or subtracting a specified number of lives.
  • Improved Case searching and filtering: SmartSearch has been converted to an expanding tab on the Home page and now offers Quick Search (with the six most common search criteria) and Advanced Search (allowing users to combine different parameters with AND as well as OR operators). The results for an active SmartSearch are displayed in the Cases list and searches can be saved for re-use on a later occasion.

Release Notes are here: Release_Notes_1_9_v1_1_100902.pdf

Version 1.10 is currently expected to be released in early October and will enhance ClariNet’s market-leading suite of portfolio management tools and analytics.