Life Solutions International – a leading life settlement provider – has entered into an agreement with ClearLife to become a subscriber to ClariNet.

“Having one of the oldest and largest life settlement providers adopt ClariNet as its primary business management system is a testament to ClariNet’s comprehensive capabilities and uniqueness in the marketplace,” said Mark Venn, CEO, ClearLife. “ClariNet is a fully integrated system, incorporating a comprehensive pricing and risk analysis suite for policies and portfolios. It has been built from the ground up with advice and assistance from brokers, providers, institutional life settlement investors and servicing companies, and incorporates the most stringent security and privacy protection safeguards of any hosted business management system in the life settlement market.”

Valerie Coffey, Vice President of ClearLife, added: “The development of ClariNet and its adoption by leading, institutionally-focused market participants such as Life Solutions International represents an important step towards the standardization of business process and data interchange for life settlements. This is essential for the development of a robust investor-driven marketplace and ultimately the growth of a sustainable securitization model.”

“Life Solutions International and its affiliate Life Settlement Solutions will use the system to accept cases from brokers and transact policies and portfolios with investors,” said Larry Simon, president, Life Solutions International. “With so many institutions seeking non-correlated assets like life settlements, we are seeing a flood of inquiries from potential investors; the need for a state-of-the-art business management system like ClariNet has never been greater.”

Life Solutions International, LLC. (“LSI”) and its affiliates develop and implement asset accumulation programs in the US life settlement industry for purchasers worldwide. This alternative asset offers the potential for: above market returns on receivables from highly rated issuers, portfolio diversification, alpha improvement and reduced volatility. For more information, visit