ClearLife is pleased to announce that, from January 2010, ClariNet subscribers will be able to order life expectancy reports from ISC Services directly from within their ClariNet accounts. Furthermore, approved ClariNet subscribers which are investors in life settlements will be able to use ISC Services’ mortality tables within ClariNet’s integrated policy pricing model.

Mark Venn, CEO and Managing Director of ClearLife, said: “I am delighted to welcome ISC Services onto ClariNet. I believe that ClariNet’s subscribers will benefit greatly from the experience and skill demonstrated by Russell and his team at ISC in underwriting senior mortality for life settlements. I have no doubt that ISC’s mortality tables will help our investor subscribers to improve the pricing of new acquisitions and develop their understanding of the longevity profile within life settlements.”

ISC’s life expectancy report ordering and mortality tables will be available to ClariNet subscribers from January 2010. Access to ISC’s mortality tables via ClariNet comes at an additional cost to the ClariNet subscription and is subject to approval by ClearLife and ISC.