From January 2010, ClariNet subscribers will have access to a range of product offerings from 21st Services, directly from within ClariNet.

ClariNet subscribers will be able to order life expectancy reports from 21st Services directly from within their ClariNet accounts. Report ordering and progress updates will be available from within ClariNet, with medical records and life expectancy reports communicated securely between ClariNet and 21st Services. Subscribers which are existing customers of 21st Services can have this functionality enabled on request to ClearLife – other subscribers can apply for an account with 21st Services from within ClariNet and begin to manage their life expectancy information as soon as their application is approved by 21st Services. Reports ordered through ClariNet cost no more than ordering directly from 21st Services – and all of the primary mortality information contained in the report is automatically uploaded into the subscriber’s relevant Case upon delivery, together with an electronic copy of the report.

In addition to ordering life expectancy reports, approved subscribers which are investors in life settlements will be able to use 21st Services’ mortality tables within ClariNet’s integrated policy pricing model. Approved subscribers will be able to benefit from 21st Services’ extensive experience in the analysis of old age mortality in the life settlements market – and deploy those mortality tables within ClariNet in the pricing and risk analysis of policies and portfolios of policies.

21st Services Life expectancy report ordering and mortality tables will be available to approved ClariNet subscribers from January 2010. Access to 21st Services’ mortality tables via ClariNet comes at an additional cost to the ClariNet subscription and is subject to approval by ClearLife and 21st Services.