ClariNet Released to Production
We are excited to share the news that ClariNet was released into production on Friday June 26, 2009. ClariNet is our end-to-end business management system, designed specifically for current and prospective participants in the life settlements industry. It allows all those involved in the business of life settlements to manage their case information in a centrally hosted, secure environment – and to communicate directly with other participants in the transaction.
ClariNet works with you to enhance the efficiency and security of all aspects of your life settlements business:

  • Create new cases, enter basic case information and upload documents through your web browser.
  • Setup and enter detailed case information or ask an external service provider for assistance.
  • Undertake policy pricing and assessment without toggling between systems.
  • Secure personal identification and medical information against unnecessary disclosure.
  • Use ClariNet’s simple “one-click” submission mechanism to send cases to other ClariNet subscribers.
ClariNet assists you at every stage of your business – from intake all the way through to closing and beyond.  It is a fully integrated system, allowing you to interact directly with other market participants in the same environment and with access to a central data pool – avoiding the risks to data integrity associated with jumping between multiple systems.  At the same time, ClariNet’s flexible case architecture respects your need to move information between systems, allowing case information to be exported as a CSV or an XML file.  ClariNet supports your business by offering clear and consistent presentation of information and it does not prevent you from using your data in the way you wish, or from offering cases to the broadest possible range of market participants.
With the release of ClariNet into production, we have introduced several novel business management tools:

  • Automated Intake Management: ClariNet’s Business Gateway and its soon-to-be-released Licensing Gateway allow brokers, providers and investors to apply intelligent, automated filters to case intake, including the ability to score cases against your chosen parameters.
  • Integrated Document Redaction: ClariNet provides a tool to allow you to redact documents without needing to install additional software on your PC. The redaction is done within ClariNet, with both redacted and unredacted versions stored within the case file.
  • BuyBox™: ClariNet’s BuyBox feature leverages the Business Gateway to allow providers and investors to consider buying opportunities in the broader market – and to allow agents and brokers the opportunity to tap into new sources of capital.
We aim to meet the requirements of all participants in the life settlements market in developing the features within ClariNet. As an independent data management and servicing company, unaffiliated with any other company in the life settlements market, we are uniquely positioned to help you grow and develop your business without exposing your market knowledge and trade secrets to competing interests. We have a lot of exciting developments to come over the next weeks and months and we look forward to sharing those with you. Please contact us to discuss how ClariNet can enhance the quality and security of your business.