We develop business platforms for markets connected with life insurance and longevity risk. Our platforms are fully integrated and include cutting-edge valuation models and analytics. We also deliver consultancy to those involved – or looking to become involved – in our markets. Our customers value us for the quality of our products, the consistency of our service and our problem-solving abilities.

Our ClariNet LM platform for participants in the lifetime mortgage market includes portfolio valuation tools, scenario and simulation analysis and asset-backed securities structuring. Lifetime mortgage portfolios can be valued under multiple scenarios simultaneously, allowing you to combine stresses to house price growth, interest rates and repayment profiles. Simulation modelling combines with deal structuring to allow you to design securitizations and monitor their performance.

ClariNet LS is our business management platform for the US life settlements market. It covers the needs of everyone from a life insurance agent looking to prepare his or her first policy for submission through to sophisticated investors with substantial portfolios. ClariNet is a modular platform which expands to meet your needs as your business grows, from case management via portfolio valuation and risk analysis into servicing and deal structuring. It is used daily by some of the largest life settlements investors worldwide.

We have a range of services for new entrants and established participants in our markets. We engage with new entrants to help them understand the intricacies of these markets and design their business workflows accordingly. We offer risk analysis and independent valuations to new and established investors and asset managers.

We look forward to working with you.

ClearLife is the most respected software vendor in the life settlement industry. We are delighted to recommend ClariNet LS to our life settlement clients.
Lewis & Ellis, Scott Gibson FSA, MAAA, Managing Principal
ClariNet LS is the most efficient pricing software in the life settlement market.
RiverRock Asset Management
Magna’s entire acquisition process from bidding to closing has been streamlined and shortened, thanks to ClariNet LS.
Magna Life Settlements
The team at ClearLife is very responsive and helpful whenever we have any technical or pricing issues.
RiverRock Asset Management
Our ability to quickly and easily stress portfolios in ClariNet LS has given Vida a strong edge in the market.
Vida Capital, Inc.
ClearLife was extremely helpful when we first started using the system. There are constant updates to ClariNet LS plus responsive support.
RiverRock Asset Management
The design of ClariNet LS makes our team more efficient.
RiverRock Asset Management